Registration Raffle Round 5 - SEAGULL BAG

OK, so I go the drawing done for the Seagull bag. Only one round left to go!

The video of the raffle is a bit janky. I used the wrong camera setting, said we were in the wrong place (we were nowhere near Dupont Circle), and called Jeff Oneill by the wrong last name. I effed that up pretty good. My bad.

When I found out who won, I was almost tempted to re-shoot the video, but that would be wrong. Congratulations are in order for Shane Murphy from Toronto (you can give me that $20 later). You go guy! A "Kurt Boone" bag from Seagull is on it's way. Thanks for registering.

Which leaves us with one bag left to raffle off, from Under the Weather. This will be the last round of our registration drive, so we'll try to stuff it full of as many other goodies as we can find. I'll make sure some nice, new cycling socks and a cool new CMWC t-shirt go in there at least. What else? Who knows. Register as a guest or competitor before July 1st for your chance to win. Good luck!



CMWC Seagull prize bag

hey AZ,what a surprize!! i needed a new bag anyways.thanks to seagull bags for the prize which is awesome!! i'll be busting that badboy around the TDOT.thanks to Rodney for drawing my name, please AZ buy that man a beer for me!!! thanks rodney.come on everyone,register and you could be the next and last winner of a awesome bag from Under-the-Weather. cheers Shane