Rain falls heavy on Pana, Nadir gets the Key

We got a ton of rain here from the hurricane. Many of the roads are washed out, it's hard even to get to Pana right now. But messengers are walking down the mountain to get here, sleeping in the Honduras airport, traveling back and forth from El Salvador to the USA just to get back to Guatemala. Several riders have been stuck in Antigua for several days.

And last night, in thanks for bringing us all here, making Pana the center of the bike messenger world for a couple of weeks,  the Mayor of Panajachel gave the Key to the City to Nadir at a grand celebration with dancing and music and speeches.

Overnight, more rain fell. La Ocho fell in the river early this morning, along with the polo court and several homes. A few locales passed away, drowned by the water.

But the people here have incredible resiliency and are rebuilding the roads even overnight. There will be a walking bridge to span the gap on the road from Solola, and we have moved polo to the school, and we might even race on what's left of La Ocho on Sunday. 

All we can do is take the next step. Some how it's all coming together. 


crihs from NY needs a ride

So I arrive tuesday night the 7th at 9pm. I am not sure how the ride thing works. I have not registered because I do not have a credit card so I am paying cash. I tried contacting the organizers but they told me I have to register to schedule a pick despite me telling them that I cannot do so til I get there.

Does any one have any other information?

pls advise

 Hi, I am with a Japanese magazine/press and am heading out there on Thursday morning.  Since i have so much cameras, have rented a car.  Can someone keep me posted on how the weather is as I will have to drive on my own to Pana.  Is it accessible as of today? Any recommended route?  Thank you!


Hi everybody,meanwhile I'm loosing my easiness because I can not get in contakt with Nina and Beaver from Copenhagen. Any information would be fine.The best for you all.Eby from Bremen

LA Messengers

Hey there

Would like to know if Echo Park Cycles got there safely. Any news would be great. Thanks.

 echo is here. today was a

 echo is here. today was a good safe day, and everyone seemed to make it through ok, though some decided to stay in antigua for the slightly easier trip tomorrow. you have to walk just a bit to get down the mountain.