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updated: January 24 2018



Thanks for the Memories

CMWC 2010 Race Director Andy Zalan thanks the messenger community for a fantastic year of messenger gatherings with his 2011 Courier Calendar. Featuring photos from all three 2010 Messenger Championships in Panajachel, Budapest, and Atlanta,  the annual offering from AZ is available for download in 3 different printable sizes just in time for the New Year. 




Main Race Champions

Natural nor human adversity could stop CMWC2010

For details and event log visit our Pictures and Updates page .

If you wanna see who won go to: CHAMPIONS & PODIUMS.

Or, for full results click here.

Rain falls heavy on Pana, Nadir gets the Key

We got a ton of rain here from the hurricane. Many of the roads are washed out, it's hard even to get to Pana right now. But messengers are walking down the mountain to get here, sleeping in the Honduras airport, traveling back and forth from El Salvador to the USA just to get back to Guatemala. Several riders have been stuck in Antigua for several days.

!Deseo que estuviese acá! WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Submitted by Lola!  Pictures by AZ!

!Saludos, compañeros!
I got here Thursday, going to meetings with the organizers and locals, getting sunburnt on the lake, drinking Gallo (Cock) beer at the headquarters, and although I'm usually too impatient to sit still long enough to type something like this, it is crucial that y'all know how WORTH every penny it is to get here.   I also want to encourage folks who lost their Mexicali flights to try to get to Mexico City or Oaxaca somehow else because I saw flights as cheap as $50 on the Internet from Mex. City (DF) to Guatemala City...or you could take an overnight bus from there, like Biker Bob is doing right now!
If you are THINKING about coming or doubting coming, just COME! You won't regret it.

El Gran Premio de Guatemala


so the race was supposed to go up to solola, but the road was washed out because of the storms the night before. so we showed up at the start around 9am not even knowing if we could race. valentine from telefonica was setting up the stage, the cops were talking about the roads, manuel for casa ciclista was stuck up in solola not able to get down the mountain. 

Resultados por El Gran Premio

Results for El Gran Premio have been posted. 


Special thanks to sponsors La Casa Ciclista, Telefonica Movistar, and the boys from Switzerland. 

Reginaldo Choch of Patum took top honors, with Nancy Pile as top female, and Luk Keller as top gringo. 


A message from Scott Free--ART !!!!!!!!!

The first art show post was too vague. I would welcome anyone coming to Pana to bring artwork of there own to participate in any and all displays of messenger related artwork. If you dont have original related artwork to bring bring a photograph of yourself on your first bike ride or early racing picture.

A message from Scott Free about the Art Show

I have been put in charge of the art show. The latest plan has grown to a large scale festival with the entire community being able to showcase there artwork and craftwork. Our intent is to showcase the local indegenous culture and help with 200 local school children. The 200 students are to be treated to a art experience with which they can keep the art supplies that are supplied by us. I plan on bringing 200 sets of markers so each child can walk away with something.

Holla Amigos (pre Event / Mexico)

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Chill-and-go 2 CMWC pre-event in Mexico city.
I you are planning to come to the event. Let me know if you are coming so the guys at Mexicofixed can properly help you out.
This is going to be special. i been here in Mexico city for the past few days and the Mexican crew have their shit together. All we been doing is eating, drinking and riding. I love this place. please check the site for more info http://www.mexicofixed.com/ .


In case we haven't mentioned it yet; Bring all the extra parts and tools you think you might need. Extra gears, cables, tubes, chains, bolts, tires. Oh, tires! Bring fat tires. Don't even think about coming down here with skinny 20mm road tires and hoping to push a 50x16 gear ratio around Pana. It is not going to happen. The race course is relatively flat, but Pana is in a valley so if you want to do any riding out of town, it will certainly involve serious climbing and descending. The right gearing is critical.


Hola amigos!

Things are really coming together down here. They better be! The CMWC is almost upon us! Tomorrow Luk shows up, and I get to put him to work. That is good because Nadir is in Mexico partying, I mean promoting the CMWC, until the 30th. I don't hablas Espanol too good, but fortunately, Luk is like C3P0, I'm sure he is fluent in Spanish. I hope.

Nadir working the Panajachel talk show circuit. Nadir is Big in Guatemla.

Group Ride

 Just a heads up: We are organizing a group ride around Lake Atitlan on September 7th. For 100Q (approx.$12) we'll provide participants with a specially designed t-shirt, water, support vehicles for your stuff and a shuttle boat ride to San Juan.

The Squirrel has landed.

Greetings from Panajachel!
Nadir and I are down here getting things ready for you guys. Lots of meetings with members of various city councils, lots of handshaking, tons of headaches getting our shipments out of customs in Guatemala City (aye caramba!), and of course, lots and lots of safety meetings. Safety first!
There is still a lot of work to do, but things are really shaping up. Pana is all a buzz waiting for your arrival, and the city has some very special surprises planned for you guys!
It is not too late to book your ticket to join us in paradise. Don't miss this chance to have an experience of a lifetime! This CMWC will be like nothing that has come before. Prepare to be amazed.






We Want You


This marvelous community of messengers would not exist without your hard work, your sweat, and your blood. Thank you.

Now, we come together in Guatemala for the 18th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships.

This CMWC has been made possible by nearly a dozen volunteers working together from four continents. It will continue to be run by volunteers on the ground in Guatemala. Here, we need your help.

Please give a portion of your time in Guatemala to help support the CMWC.

Registration Raffle, Round 6: UNDER THE WEATHER BAG

So this wraps up our Registration Raffle Series. Many thanks to all our our wonderful sponsors, PAC Bags, RELoad Bags, Bagaboo Bags, Trash Bags, Seagul Bags, and Under the Weather Bags, as well as all the people who have registered so far.

Registration Raffle Round 5 - SEAGULL BAG

OK, so I go the drawing done for the Seagull bag. Only one round left to go!

The video of the raffle is a bit janky. I used the wrong camera setting, said we were in the wrong place (we were nowhere near Dupont Circle), and called Jeff Oneill by the wrong last name. I effed that up pretty good. My bad.

CMWC Raffle - Round 5 SEAGULL BAG

Just a few more days left to get yourself in the running for the next round of our Registration Raffle. The last bag was won by a 14 year old from Warsaw. The next bag, a beautiful "Kurt Boone" signature siries messenger bag from Seagull Bags

Welcome to the Official Website of the


Cycle Messenger World Championships


September 3 - 13, 2010.  Panajachel, Guatemala


CMWC Guatemala from Lucas on Vimeo.

Come race, ride, and relax for less!
Find out more at www.cmwcguatemala.com
Video by www.lucasbrunelle.com

The Trash Bag Winner Is...

Hey everybody!
So I just got back from Atlanta, where Skip and Justin from No Brakes bike shop helped me do the drawing for Round 4 of the CMWC Registration Raffle. On the line was a sweet custom messenger bag from our friends at Trash Bags in Minneapolis (and No Brakes threw in a t-shirt as well). Check out the officially sanctioned video:

Registration Raffle, Round 4: Trash Bag

Register now for the CMWC and become entered in our ongoing raffle series for your chance to win cool prizes! Our next drawing will be held on June 1st, so register before then to be eligible. Up for grabs is this dope bag from our friends at Trash Bags in Minneapolis.

2010 CMWC Guatemala registration raffle trash bags

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updated: January 24 2018


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